Run like a robot!

Want to make running easier and more fun?

No, this isn’t a plug for taking off your regular running shoes and switching to minimalist ones.

It may be a peek into the future.

Researchers and engineers at Stanford found a way to improve your running speed by 10%+, and make running feel more fun, like you’re being lifted off the ground instead of banging into it.



Check out this video:

Now, some of you may look at this video and cringe at the padded, elevated heel, stiff shoes that Delaney is wearing.

She may be in those because you need a stiffer sole for the robotics.

I’m not sure, but I say that because if you look at her form, it’s about as good as you can get in a shoe like that, with a lever strapped to your forefoot.

She lands midfoot most of the time.

Her ankle lands behind her knee.

Her shin angle is small.

Her cadence is quick (independent of the robotics).

Stanford is doing some super clever research into improving movement and this is yet another super provocative piece.

What do you think?

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