Outdoor Activity Participation Changes During COVID

Xero Shoes recently conducted a survey asking website visitors’ how their participation in outdoor activities have changed during Covid.

While the survey did not take location into account — clearly, results should be different for people who are quarantined or living where outdoor activities are only possible if one can travel — that 56% of the 314 respondents have increased their participation is not insignificant.

Walking and hiking are the activities enjoyed by the majority (the survey allowed people to select multiple activities that they engage in), and “Fun” and “Psychological Well-being” comprise a significant percentage of the reasons why respondents are getting outdoors more.

Once can imagine the reason behind this shift might be is stir-craziness, but the survey results  — especially with the majority getting outside to do some activity 6-7 days per week — suggest otherwise.

Here are the survey results:

How do these results compare with your own experience?

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