Can I run barefoot in the cold?

I’ve posted a few times about running barefoot in the cold (or in Xero Shoes)… check out this link, for example.

But, inspired by a video I just received from Andreas Cederström in Sweden, I thought you would enjoy this:

(Pardon the lag between video and audio… weird Google Hangout effect)

You can find Andreas’ video on the Xero Shoes Facebook Page

So, yes, you can handle the cold if you:

  1. Warm up indoors first
  2. Adjust your running pattern — rather than a 5 mile run, do some 1/2 mile loops (getting warm inside between each 1/2 mile and, as you get more acclimated, make slightly bigger loops)
  3. Be smart! There are no bonus points for running barefoot on the snow to the point of getting frostbite. Add some toe socks or thick wool socks and a layer of protection, like Xero Shoes.
  4. BE REALLY SMART! If you get too cold. STOP!
  5. Give yourself time to acclimate — you’ll definitely get better and better at handling the cold over time.
  6. SERIOUSLY, BE SMART!!!! (get the hint?) 32-degrees (Fahrenheit) is rarely a problem for me… but ZERO… that’s a whole other story. “Dry” powdery snow is way easier to tolerate than wet snow. In other words, adjust to reality 😉

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