Become a better runner with this free video course

Are you a runner? Or do you want to be?

If so, I have something special for you.

Meet Danny Dreyer, the author of the best-selling books Chi Running, Chi Walking, and Chi Marathon.

Danny has helped millions of people learn to run better, more efficiently, and more enjoyably.

Danny is also a big fan of Xero Shoes. He loves his sandals, but he says he LIVES in our shoes.

Danny has a 3-part video series for Xero Shoes friends and fans: “The 3 biggest mistakes that runners make, and how to fix them.”

Watch the video, below, for a taste of the series, or just go to to sign up and get it for free.

Fix the 3 biggest mistakes that most runners make - Become a better runner
Plus, if you’re looking to really improve your running, or make the transition from regular, padded, stiff, motion-controlled shoes, to the natural movement footwear from Xero Shoes, you’ll be interested in his Chi Running School, where you get a weekly lesson about becoming a better runner… and Xero friend and fans get a 10% discount.

You’ll hear more about that in the video series, so sign up at to find out more.