Just say NO to shoes!

And now we bring you a public service announcement from the makers of Xero Shoes:

Needless to say, we made Xero Shoes so they don’t bind you up and keep you from moving naturally!

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11 thoughts on “Just say NO to shoes!

  1. I love it! ? short and to the point lol

  2. Great!!!

  3. Totally love it! My zero sports have not missed a day since I got them. If I must wear shoes (work) my zeros are on right after I get home!!!

  4. Now if I could just convince my boss….
    The corporate world and all it’s glory just steals our foot joy!

    1. The corporate world is full of party poopers! But the health care professional world is even worse!

  5. Love it! Nothing better than having our feet free to wiggle and roam without being squished!

  6. Couldn’t agree more Dr. JIll. I have an uncle who is a very successful physician. He has 70+ doc in the box facilities now nationwide. He noticed my Z Trails recently and asked if I ran in them. “Of course”, I said, “10 miles a day, 7 days a week, and then some” He asks, “What about arch support?”. I respond “For what? I don’t do chin ups with someone ‘supporting’ me. Why would I strength train my feet any differently?” No response…..

  7. Awesome, and so much more convincing thaN the original! Like my brain ever looked like an egg to begin with! I’m loving my Xero shoes with the Amuri kit, now I actually get bummed out when I have to wear real shoes, I’m dreading winter in New England ? Keep up the good work! I want to see the other commercials you have planned!

  8. Love it. And my 5 pairs of shoes I’ve ordered from yall.

  9. Love this. And I agree totally with the remark below about the corporate world. I have to wear closed toe shoes for work (fortunately I only work part-time) and the day after I work, my feet are killing me!!! I’m ready for the next commercials.

  10. Awesome! Awesome. Now excuse me while I run in my xero shoes.

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