Happy Xero-ween!

Halloween is a favorite day here at the Xero Shoes office.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling star, Lena Phoenix, co-founder and CFO of XeroShoes.com
Lena Phoenix — Xero Shoes co-founder, CFO, and G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling!)
Halloween? Or just another typical Thursday at the Xero Shoes office?

But, then again, we also dress up for “Onesie Wednesday” and “Non-casual Friday” (which is more open-ended than Formal Friday).

Of course, some people go above and beyond and dress AS XERO SHOES!

Xero Shoes sandals

Whether you trick-or-treated or just gave out candy, if you did it Xero Shoes, we want to see your pics and how you Live Life Feet First!