Zachary Johnson

My name is Zach Johnson. I’m a trail runner, skier, BASE jumper, and skydiver. I graduated from Kent State University and worked as a travel RN for a few years all around the US. I have recently moved to Moab, UT and started a film production company in which I hope to make short “documentary style” films as well as create business promos and do event videography.
I started running in high school and got pretty competitive in both track and cross country. After a few years off of running due to knee issues, I switched to minimalist shoes and signed up for my first ultramarathon, a 100 miler in which I was highly underprepared for. I still finished in sub 24 hours and said “I’m never doing that again”. Fast forward a year and I’m logging more miles than ever before with plans to get competitive in some upcoming mountain ultras.
When I’m not running, I spend time BASE jumping in and around Moab, UT where I live with my girlfriend (who is also an avid trail runner & BASE jumper). We met in a skydiving “first jump course” in Cleveland, Ohio and after one year and hundreds of skydives later, both took a BASE jumping “first jump course” together alongside some friends. After many miles traveling for new BASE jumps and long hikes to exit points, we fell in love and have been living together since.
Promoting sustainability has become a huge part of my life. As your typical vegan van lifer, I couldn’t be more excited for Xero Shoes’ approach to creating long-lasting shoes that don’t need replacing every 2-3 months during peak training. Shoes that are sustainable for your running legs and the environment, what more could one ask for?
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