Wendy Young

Hi! My name is Wendy Young and I’m Obsessed with Barefoot Shoes. I spent years knowing that mainstream shoes were not working well for me, but had no idea why. I liken my journey to climbing up a mountain. I went higher and higher with the arch support, stiffer on the sole, and bigger distances between me and the ground, until one day I crashed and knew there had to be a better way.

Xero Shoes brought me into the realm of barefoot shoes, as they have for many others – even my mom! Xero Shoes is always coming out with something new and fun and I love recommending them to people as a great way to test the waters. And, surprise, surprise, they don’t go back.

A writer by trade with a strong interest in photography, I have used my talents to build up a growing blog and social media dedicated to barefoot shoes. I review them, show them, and answer questions about them to help each person get into a pair of shoes that is good for them and will fit their unique lifestyles and needs. People don’t know where to turn but, like me, know that something is wrong and there has to be a better way to treat themselves and their feet.

My favorite people are the everyday, average people living their lives and wanting to improve themselves – the people chasing their kids, running their errands, going to work, and wanting to do all of that (plus their adventures) with a great foundation.

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