Nico Riveroak


I believe fitness is the quintessential factor behind lifelong growth & productivity. The amount of endorphins that flow through our brain during and following a workout are quite literally intoxicating. You’re body begins to work in ways that by design are a miracle.

I fell in love with the miracle.  Not just the miracle of your body working together, but the miracle of change and transformation literally right in front of my eyes.

I joined the U.S Air Force at the age of 18 to experience the world beyond my limited perspective. It’s through the blood, sweat, and tears that I realized how much I appreciate my body and what it does for me each and every day. It was when my body was pushed beyond my mental limits that I realized how isolated we let ourselves become.

Since you’re getting to know me a bit I have to be honest with you– body image is something I’ve been battling with since the days of locking myself in my bedroom because of the pimples on my face. Often, what was projected outwards was the equation of insecurity and confusion. It wasn’t until those early days in the Air Force that I realized what God gifted me with was something I’m going to chose to embrace- not chastise.

Our slogan at Riveroak Fitness, “Care to be human?”, originates from these times.

It’s what helped me accept that I’m not going to eat perfect every single day, or nail every single workout. I had to realize that me and my body aren’t perfect but it’s alright! IT’S ALRIGHT!

I’ve taken on this journey of constantly striving to progress in all aspects and what helps me and keeps me motivated as well is helping others on their fitness journey. There are connections that are only made when a group of strangers or friends or colleagues goes through something tough and challenging. Life changing perhaps.

I created Riveroak Fitness (Riveroak is my middle name btw, another story:) because I wanted a place for people to feel safe and comfortable enough to push themselves beyond their perceived limits. I want to help people establish a love for this fitness lifestyle and help them continue to progress to make sure the lifestyle gains are constant.


They give me a chance 52 times a year to ensure a kicka@# week and to really set the pace for what I plan to accomplish that week. I believe that if you start strong & focused on a Monday then it will certainly set a standard for that week.

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