Petra Fisher

My name’s Petra Fisher. When I’m not camping, hiking, travelling the world in our Toyota 4Runner and living barefoot on surf beaches with my partner Chris, I’m coaching other active outdoors-lovers on how to bullet-proof their bodies, from the ground up.

 I’ve been obsessed with feet ever since I was a lawyer working in the corporate trenches and long distance running – my only stress relief – broke my feet completely. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, flat feet and nerve issues ended my running career but started my movement journey.

Learning how to fix my own feet and get my life back was my first step in realizing that we all have the power to create vibrant health by making better movement choices. From there it was an easy choice to leave the corporate world and start sharing this incredibly powerful approach with anyone who’s interested in natural health and wellness.

Since I left law and started movement coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to take charge of their physical health through better movement – and it always starts at the feet.

I’m certified by Nutritious Movement to teach Restorative Exercise, a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and a MovNat Level 1 coach, and my teaching is a mix of all the best stuff from everything I’ve studied.

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