Sherrie Carnicle

Hello Xero Shoes Community! Meet Sherrie Carnicle. Sherrie lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a personal trainer and nutritionist with 17+ years in the industry. She is passionate about coaching people to their peak potential and optimal health in mindset, body, and spirit. Sherrie is also a mother, freelance writer, realtor, and hikes (runs) the mountains in Arizona most days of the week.. year round! She also trains in the gym with weights 4-5 days/week focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, and functional training. Sherrie loves wearing her Xero shoes in the gym as they are helping her take fitness to the next level with better balance, posture, and strength. Sherrie is excited to be a part of the Xero Hero Team and is looking forward to helping others #livefeetfirst !

Interests Weightlifting Socials