Michelle Toole


Michelle Toole has channeled her passion for natural and alternative health solutions into a family of internet sites that have helped thousands of people around the world change their lifestyles and live happier, healthier lives. She founded the flagship site, Healthy Holistic Living, in 2006 and she co-founded a magnesium based company, myKore Essentials in 2019.

Michelle’s life changed dramatically in the 1990s. She was Executive Director of a non-profit social services organization in Prescott, Arizona where she was an avid rock climber, runner, and kayaker. Within weeks of running the New York City Marathon, Michelle was stricken by a systemic neurologic disorder. Rather than accept the limits of mainstream medicine that concentrated only on symptom relief, Michelle became an information seeker. Impassioned with the same drive she had devoted to athletics, walking back to wellness became her main priority.

As an early adopter of social media, Michelle developed a website to share her experience with illness and journey to health. Michelle’s message was simple: by following a holistic path, she experienced profound improvements in her physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Healthy Holistic Living quickly resonated with thousands of readers who wanted to create a shift in their own lives. As the site has grown to reach millions today, Michelle has become an expert in web traffic and social media advertising.

Today Michelle is an entrepreneurial matchmaker with an instinct for bringing the best talent, expertise, and knowledge to the table for projects targeting innovative alternative health solutions. Global partnerships have resulted in additional information websites, video production, and work with exciting new social media platforms. The driving force behind Michelle’s work continues to be the pursuit of life changing information and to share it in a way that empowers people to improve their lives.

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