Page Erickson

I am currently a twenty two year old traveling mother of one and woman on a mission. I am a Swasha yoga instructor, life coach with roots in holistic healing & nutrition. I raise my family on a plant based diet while we travel the globe on ‘conscious consumption’ principals, all the while life coaching using my ‘Discover Self’ platform. (See my webpage at

I myself do a lot of compassionate outreach & mindful activism. I hold strongly to my beliefs & see how sharing the magnitude of our impact (through spreading awareness) will make all the difference.

Whether it’s based in unconscious consumption, poor water conservation, unsustainable animal agriculture practices, uranium mining, exhausting fossil fuels or what have you- gathering information and presenting it to the public with a solution is my greatest passion, and a well seasoned one at that.

I lived on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation for 3 months standing up for indigenous rights & clean water for all, I’ve also held multiple discussions about how to reduce our impact/ how to integrate daily mindful practices and I’ve organized various outreach events.

Outreach based in sustainability is my passion. I am very grateful for companies like Xero doing your part & sharing the message of mindfulness.

Abundant blessings & Mahalo,


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