Jevon Larson

I grew up in small town South Dakota on my families cattle/watermelon farm. I am an avid outdoorsman and adventurer. My passions include hiking, camping, travel, hunting, fishing, archery, history and just about anything outdoors. After college I moved to Nantucket Island in Massachusetts for six years where I met my soon to be wife. Now we are back in South Dakota where I work on my families farms and as a carpenter for most of the year and spend part of my summers in Massachusetts with my fiancés family (best of both worlds.) Some of my adventure include backpacking Europe for three months, an eleven day camping trip in Iceland and many hiking/camping/fishing trips here in the US.

       Ever since I was a child I have hated wearing shoes so needless to say I have tried many different “barefoot” shoe option. When I discovered Xero Shoes I had to try them out and I loved them. I currently wear the cloud sandals and I am definitely putting the 5000 mile warranty to the test. I use them on a daily basis as soon as the snow melts. I even wear them working on the farm in many situations that I probably shouldn’t but they have held up without a problem. Overall Xero Shoes are a great product that I am happy to support.

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