Jeanelle Carpentier

Jeanelle Carpentier grew up on a small Island in Washington. Possibly obtaining island fever at a young age or being born a nomad, her feet have now taken her all over the globe. She is a global backpacking & hiking guide for The Wildland Trekking Company, and in her free time she is still found outside wandering the world’s wilderness in every possible way. From hiking, rafting, yoga, climbing, photography, mountain biking, mountaineering, running, foraging, volunteer projects, and much more- she is always on a grand adventure. “I have never really liked shoes. Growing up, I would be either barefoot or find the least amount of shoe possible. I feel a great connection with the earth when I walk, and want to keep it that way. “
I love all Xero Shoes- If have to choose, my favorite would be the Cloud sandals.  They are stylish to wear around town, but comfortable enough to hike in or do any outdoor activity in. Simplicity at its best here, covering exactly what my feet thrive on. I know I can comfortably globe-trot in these and never have any issues.
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