Justen Arnold


Justen Arnold is an Entrepreneur as well is the Founder and CEO of  Flexx Mobility & Performance LLC (FlexxMP) a multi faceted training facility in Rochester, NY, and consultant for Arbonne international.  His personal training and fitness philosophy is educating and helping others to live healthier lifestyles by becoming stronger, losing weight, or just being able to have active daily lives. Justen founded FlexxMP  with people in mind. He is inspired by the triumph and successes he sees in his diverse roster of clients that includes everyone from children and teens, to working professionals and retirees.  
FlexxMP provides a multi-faceted approach to fitness. The core belief is that because physical exercise goes beyond training the body. Achieving and maintaining a healthy physical body requires an understanding of how it functions. Flexx MP share’s extensive knowledge and experience on exercise, nutrition and mental well-being creating programs individualized to each person’s goals and needs. 
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