Ed Kaufmann

I work in the coffee industry for an importer.  Im based in Brooklyn, NY where i enjoy running “barefoot”, riding my bike to work throughout the year and appreciating any opportunity to he outside, even in the big city.
I have been on a self improvement kick for the last 5 years or so, experimenting with diet and different types of exercise.  I generally focus on exercise that can get me from A to B.  The theme of this kick has been to try to tap into systems and movements that we all have in us already.  One example is our ability to acclimate to cold temperatures.  I like my Xero shoes because they have helped me “remember” how humans are built to run.
I ran the NYC Marathon this last November and while i was running, a guy passed me running barefoot!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was wearing big squishy NBs and couldn’t imagine running 26 miles with no shoes on.  This made me curious so after the race, I began researching.  I bought some Xero shoes and haven’t gone back.  I ran my first race in them and it felt great!
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