Cole Fungaroli

I am a 23 year old industrial designer at Gilson Snow Inc. designing snowboards, skis, and other snowsports accessories. I studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design for a BFA in Industrial design, focusing on sporting goods and outdoor equipment. The rest of my time is spent being a triathlete. I started out as a high-level soccer player with a possible career at the top but got sidelined by my drive to become a world-class designer. During this time I lost sight of who I was, I didn’t train, and I stopped looking out for my body and habits. Something clicked and I started to REWILD my entire being.

Now, I have challenged myself to become a top-level barefoot athlete. Rewilding isn’t just going barefoot, but it is reconnecting to the natural movements and habits of our being. Including when and what we consume, using natural light as our clock, and minimizing our distance to the connection to nature, to name a few. My whole life has developed around this. I always thought I couldn’t handle my drive for both sport and design. I was wrong.

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