Billy Woodmansee

I have been a performance coach for 15 years. I am a GOATA Performance Specialist and an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach. In my time as a coach, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best athletes and CEOs in the world to up-level their lives/performance through fitness and nutrition and helped over 100 kids achieve their dreams of playing sports in college.   have also been lucky enough to mentor young trainers and coaches. I am love, light, thoughtful action, and a masterful leader. My philosophy as a coach is to keep it simple, effective, meet you where you are at, and do no harm. Optimal movement and nutrition are the baselines to optimal performance. Goata has helped me and my clients move better and pain-free.  It would be my pleasure to help guide you through your wellness or athletic journey too! “Up-Level the human, up-level their performance!” “Train like an athlete, heal like a hippie, and always trust your gut!”

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