Allison Gordon


Alli’s passions are widespread. She is a lover of movement and mountains and uses the unique features of the earth to satisfy her crave for adventure.  For fun, Alli is usually skiing, doing acro yoga, yoga, slacklining, climbing rocks or ice, doing races in a tutu, mountaineering, mountain biking, highlining, cycling, or trail running! If it is outside, she is in! She is frequently travelling or volunteering or doing both. Her enthusiasm for volunteering and working with under-served populations has taken her to over 30 countries. She has a passion for working with people with disabilities and helping them reach their fullest potential. Having been a professional ski patroller and adaptive ski instructor for people with cognitive and physical disabilities in Colorado for four years, the Rockies feel most like home to her. Alli graduates from medical school on North Carolina in May 2019 and moves to ABQ, New Mexico for residency training in Emergency Medicine for the next three years. Although she studied western medicine, she loves combining eastern and western medical practices in order to treat and heal the patients she works with as whole people. Her personal favorite styles of medicine to nourish her body and mind are connecting with others, staying active, being playful, and spending time in the outdoors. She loves to share her passions with the world and meet others where they are at in order to create an environment that promotes comfortable growth when she teaches yoga, acro yoga and slackline yoga. 

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