Xero Hero – Marissa Ruxin

We’re thrilled to welcome Marissa Ruxin as a Xero Hero.

Here’s her story:

marissa-hiking in xero shoes barefoot sandalsI ran track and cross country in high school and had to take a whole season off because I got stress fractures in both shins due to my running and the shoes that I wore.

People were telling me to get special insoles and to buy huge trail running shoes with over an inch of padding.  I kept getting hurt and having shin splints and other issues so I decided to go minimalist and to start cross training.  These were the best decisions I could make and now I am better at listening to my body and running more naturally.

I took up barefoot running on sidewalks and pavement but the Xeros are my favorite for trails and for the little bit of extra protection that my bare feet don’t provide.

I love my Xeros for running, walking, hiking and for the water.  I have already convinced three people to get these shoes and I will continue to spread the word and my love of barefoot running.
marissa doing yoga in xero shoes barefoot sandals

THANKS for sharing your story, Melissa!

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