Happy Anniversary to us!

This Anniversary is a year old… but we’re having a NEW Party… Click Here to find out more!

We’re having an anniversary party, and you’re invited!

Fifty weeks ago, I came home and said to my wife, Lena, “What do you think about making a real business out of making running sandals?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” she said. “It’s a distraction from other things we’re doing.”

“You’re probably right,” I said.

So, after Lena went to bed, I built www.InvisibleShoe.com. 😉

It took about 2 hours to do the basics, but 2 weeks to finish up the details. And 1 year ago, on November 23rd, the site went live. The rest, as they say, is history.

We have had so much fun, and lived through so many surprises in the last year. We never imagined Invisible Shoes would take off the way it had, or that we’d have thousands of customers in almost 3 dozen countries (and invitations to stay in every one of those countries). We never thought we’d be contributing as much as we have to the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital Fund. And we never dreamed of some of what we have planned for the next 12 months (more about that later).

Suffice it to say, we want to celebrate and thank all of you … our customers, the people who’ve used our videos to make their own shoes, everyone who has sent in a new tying style and, most importantly, everyone who has been helping spread the word about minimalist running.

Thanks to everyone who shared in our Anniversary Celebration! We have a lot of exciting new ideas in store for our 2nd year in business… so stay tuned! (sign up for the newsletter to keep informed about specials and new products).

  • Jim Clark

    Happy Anniversary. I bought both Luna and Invisible Shoes and they are both great but, over time, have found that I do more of my running in my Invisible Shoes. For my 60 year old body (46 of those years spent running), they work well. As a bonus, I have found you folks to be pleasant to deal with and professional in all the places where it counts. Have another great year.

  • Vince

    Great product and a worthy cause. Thanks for the discount and I look forward to doing more business with you guys!

  • Michael

    Congratulations on the anniversary. My IS sandals are my “running shoes”, and have served me well. Here’s to your continued success, and i applaud your efforts to help the Tarahumara.

  • Way to not listen to your wife! That’s how all of my great schemes are hatched as well.

  • Brad

    Sometimes deep inside you just know you have to do something and when you do it something good always happens.

    Peace & Freedom to you both.

  • Ray

    Congratulations. I should carry your card with me when I wear the sandals, I get so many questions about them.
    Several friends have requested that I make a pair for them.

    • Steven

      Thanks, Ray… and if you want some cards, drop me and email and let me know how many you’d like (our new cards are REALLY cool).


  • Joe

    Congrates! I really like the “shoes” but I must say I had to reconfigure the lacing. I found that the lacing dug into the space between my big toe and metatarsal. I added holes on the side of the sole and relaced it in an “X” configuration. Works great.

    • Steven

      Between the toes is the traditional style… but if you look at our how to tie huaraches you’ll see some other variations, including (perhaps) the one you used. And, if you did something different, take pics and make a video and let’s include it! Personally, I LOVE that people are experimenting and finding new ways to use huaraches to Feel The World!

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  • Ricardo Amorim

    Got mine last week. Loved it. First run: 10k. Blisters. Second run: 10K with tape patch over blisters. Bliss.

    • Steven

      My most important run was the one AFTER I had gotten a blister on my left foot. It wasn’t lost on me that the blister was only on ONE foot, so I knew I was doing something different with that leg, and if I could stop doing whatever that was… well, 10 minutes into my run, my body figured out how to NOT do what was hurting. And I immediately started running faster and lighter than I ever had. Never got another blister, and have been running pain-free ever since.

  • Elsa

    Hey, I just ran for the first time in my Invisible Shoes and I’m hooked. No knee pain, no back pain, no anything. I’m taking it slowly, because I know to do otherwise would be silly, but dang, I’m loving this! Thanks Steve and Lena, for taking the leap so that the rest of us could, too.

    • Steven

      Our pleasure… truly. (send pics of you out having fun!)

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  • Charles

    Congrats! Just finished my second month and much more comfortable. I had some working up to 3 miles but my feet are much stronger and even feel the difference when I put the shoes back on for road work. Any hints getting used to pavement is appreciated.