Barefoot Sandals – A How To Guide

How did this whole Xero Shoes barefoot running sandals business begin?

Krizia interviews Masters All-American sprinter and Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen, for a tell-all story about the history of Xero Shoes, the value of being barefoot, the evolution of the barefoot running world, how to start an Internet business, secrets of online marketing, new things that Xero Shoes are developing, and a LOT more.

Whether you’re a barefoot runner, just like being out of shoes, are a business person (or want to start a business), I know you’ll find some gems in here.

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2 thoughts on “Barefoot Sandals – A How To Guide

  1. I have to say that going into this, I was most excited to hear about the new products you’re developing, but not much was said about them. Can you tell us about some new products we can look forward to seeing?

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t. As much as I hate keeping secrets (and find it physically painful), I’ve learned that it’s best to not announce a new product until it’s in your hand.

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