Enjoy Our Biggest Sale Ever!

It’s our Black Cyber Thankwanzmaskahsaturversary and Warehouse Clearance Sale! Now through midnight, December 4th.

Save up to 68.75% on select styles!

Don’t wait to order — we’re already sold out of many sizes and colors!

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Here’s what’s on sale

That’s right, it’s our combination Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, 9th anniversary (!!) sale, where we’re making room for new styles and colors for 2019.

Select sizes and colors of the following products are on sale through December 4th.

(Note: Other discount offers do not apply to sale items)

Win a $100 Xero Shoes Gift Certificate

You can win one of FIVE $100 Gift Certificates. Use our sweepstakes app, below, to enter.

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Xero Shoes 2018 Black Cyber Thankwansmaskahsaturversary Sale!

Winners will be selected at random on December 5th and announced on this page.

Have Questions about the sale?

Give us a call — 303.447.3100 — or send an email to our Customer Happiness Team — support@xeroshoes.com

Ask questions in real-time on Facebook

I’ll be hosting a 30 minute Facebook Live on Sunday, December 2nd, at 6pm, Pacific Time (that’s 7 Mountain, 8 Central, 9 Eastern) where you can ask your questions live.

Go to our FB Page — https://facebook.com/xeroshoes/ — at that time.

Here’s a recording of the FB Live event I did last week:

79 thoughts on “Enjoy Our Biggest Sale Ever!

  1. My chilly toes are begging me to try a Prio and / or DayLite Hiker this winter…

  2. We’re heading in that direction (that’s all I can say for now 😉 )

  3. I am keen on “dressier” shoes that I can wear in a business casual environment. Hopefully some of those will be coming in the new year 🙂

    1. In fact, they will 🙂

  4. Heh… You had me at, “Shoes,” being that I’m a satisfied customer several times over. Sale? Bring it. There’s a couple of styles/colors I’d like to scoop up.

    Shoes you can swear by rather than swear at.

  5. r0b0t$ l0v3 X3r0 $h03$ too. M3rry X3r0m@$, 3v3ryb0dy!!

  6. such an amazing company!

  7. Wool socks paired with my Lenas kept my toes nice and warm on a chilly fall walk with the kids. I LOVE these!

  8. Can’t wait to try a pair!

  9. I love Xero shoes!

  10. The comfort and style…

  11. I love my sandals and really want to try the shoes!

  12. Love my Xero shoes!! I was so stoked when they came out with the sandal hardware as it helped me make my new sandals that much more amazing!

  13. Love my Prios. Would love a pair of the Terraflex but they’re not on sale 🙁

  14. Love my Daylite hikers! They are proving to be quite capable on snow and icy pavement leading into our Minnesota winter with a pair of mid-weight wool socks.

  15. Added toe loops to a pair of DIY Feeltrue sandals this summer and enjoyed the results after some experimentation.

  16. Enjoying my two pairs of zero shoes for now. Definitely more coming in the near future! 🙂

  17. Love the light weight

  18. Love my Xero shoes!

  19. I need some new hiking shoes. These look great.

  20. I learn so much about ‘barefeet’ shoes and I’m sure with plantar fascistic these are the shoes that will once again make walking outside good for me! Hiking shoes would be the best!

  21. I love how light weight they are.

  22. I like that they are comfy and breathable

  23. I just ordered the Hana and the DIY sandals… I can’t wait to try them out!

  24. Looking forward to trying my first pair of XeroShoes and then winning one to boot!

  25. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving in your Xeros!

  26. Yay for Black Friday

  27. Working on realigning the joints in my feet. Will finally have shoes that don’t work against my Correct Toes.

  28. I like that they are so reasonable in cost.

  29. Love your shoes!

  30. I love the lightness of the day hikers, so comfortable

  31. I rock my ztreks year round for casual shoes. Grabbing the piro during the sale to give the closed toe runners a try. Very excited to try them!

  32. Thanks for the chance to win! Love these shoes as they are so light weight!

  33. Really want to try the Terraflex

  34. I love all the shoes I’ve seen…I’d love to own some of your footwear.

  35. I purchased the Lena but would love a set of Prios as well.

  36. These shoes are sooooo comfy!

  37. Great! Just what I need!

  38. Great Prices!

  39. Minimal, comfortable, reasonably priced

  40. I love them but have never purchased any yet! they look very comfortable and reasonably priced

  41. Such comfortable shoes!

  42. I shoe-shoe-shoes you!

  43. Great looking shoes!

  44. Love the variety of styles available at Xeroshoes.

  45. I love the natural fit of the Zero Shoes…I have arthritis in my feet so it is really important to me to have support but also room.

  46. I have arthritis, spurs on the top of my fee,t fallen arches, flat feet and Achilles tendonitis. Hate wearing shoes. Need something light on my feet. These shoes sound wonderful. I just hope the width is wide enough and the depth doesn’t rub on the spurs. There are 3 pairs that i’m looking at.

  47. Would love to get my daughters some Xero shoes as well. One has flat feet just like me. The other has a thick, broad forefoot and most shoes pinch her toes together.

  48. I would love to try the terraflex

  49. I could really use a new pair of barefoot shoes

  50. Great! Just what I need!

  51. I like the casual look and they are so light!

  52. I’m still bummed the Terraflex isn’t on sale

  53. Minimal, comfortable, reasonably priced

  54. I appreciate a shoe that is comfortable, and has arch support.

  55. Snow started to stick in my area as of yesterday. Looking forward to my DayLite Hikers arriving soon…

  56. I like that the price is right

  57. Minimal, comfortable, reasonably priced

  58. Also interested in the Terraflex.

  59. Minimal, comfortable, reasonably priced

  60. I love all the different styles in the casual category.

  61. I like that they have receive high ratings and have won numerous awards.

  62. Great! Just what I need!

  63. I love the great variety of Xero shoes and sandals.

  64. Minimal footwear for maximal foot care.

  65. Minimal, comfortable, reasonably priced

  66. I love how comfortable they look.

  67. Still minimal, comfortable, reasonably priced

  68. Definitely interested in the concept of zero-drop shoes (been buying various styles over the last 5 years). Still undecided on this particular brand, though. Think I may soon try the tennies…

  69. Great! Just what I need!

  70. DL Hikers arrived today! 1st observation is that they are much more snug against my big toes than the same size Hannas. Haven’t tried a hike yet.

  71. I am exceptionally excited.

  72. I really love the whole look of them

  73. What my feet needed

  74. I have not tried these shoes but would love to!

  75. I love the quality of the shoes

  76. I love your sale prices!

  77. Like the sale prices, just nothing available in my size (10) 🙁 🙁

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