Become a better runner with this free video course

Are you a runner? Or do you want to be?

If so, I have something special for you.

Meet Danny Dreyer, the author of the best-selling books Chi Running, Chi Walking, and Chi Marathon.

Danny has helped millions of people learn to run better, more efficiently, and more enjoyably.

Danny is also a big fan of Xero Shoes. He loves his sandals, but he says he LIVES in our shoes.

Danny has a 3-part video series for Xero Shoes friends and fans: “The 3 biggest mistakes that runners make, and how to fix them.”

Watch the video, below, for a taste of the series, or just go to to sign up and get it for free.

Plus, if you’re looking to really improve your running, or make the transition from regular, padded, stiff, motion-controlled shoes, to the natural movement footwear from Xero Shoes, you’ll be interested in his Chi Running School, where you get a weekly lesson about becoming a better runner… and Xero friend and fans get a 10% discount.

You’ll hear more about that in the video series, so sign up at to find out more.