My Favorite Strength Trainer – kBox from Exxentric

Strength training is one of the most important things we can do — at any age.

How are you planning to get, or stay strong?

Clearly I’m a fan of the kBox and can’t imagine not having it.

But there is one important question to ask you if you’re interested in the kBox:

Is it CRAZY for you to invest $1,500 in your health?

The moment after I first tried the kBox, I started adding up the value of all the weights I could sell since I couldn’t imagine using them again. For me, that was well over $1.5k.

I hope you’re willing to invest that much long-term strength and health.

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p.s. Don’t forget — when you get a kBox, I’m giving you a $100 Xero Shoes gift certificate.

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