Sensori Venture — a ready-to-wear barefoot sandal from Xero Shoes

After over a year of work, we are VERY proud and excited to announce the new Xero Shoes Venture, a ready-to-wear barefoot-style sandal that lets you go everywhere, do everything, naturally.

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Barefoot Running Sandals by Xero Shoes

14 thoughts on “Sensori Venture — a ready-to-wear barefoot sandal from Xero Shoes

  1. I absolutely cannot wait to give the new Sensori Ventures a try!! I’m up to 3 pair of Xero Shoes that I wear daily, even in snow and rain. 🙂 I’m really excited to see how well the heel cup will improve side stabilization, keep chunks of (everything) out from under foot, and even MORE excited about having a quicker, easier way to adjust the tension on my sandals without having to re-lace or re-tie! This eliminates many people’s qualms with having a knot under toe, and eliminates my issue with lacing styles that put my laces in contact with the pavement constantly. An exciting step forward for Xero!! (Pun partially intended 😉 ) .. and I can’t wait to try them out for myself!

  2. I am very excited by the Sensori Venture! It takes all that I love about my Xeroshoes and adds some excellent new features. The new toe strap is a great revision, and the heel pad and cup will make the running experience even more enjoyable. These additions are fantastic in their own right, but when coupled with the quick adjust strap, the total package is just amazing! I can’t wait to get into a pair and hit the trail! Well done!

  3. I want these shoes! I have two of the original, but i like the look of these new ones.

  4. Somedays I am a gazelle
    Somedays I am a lion
    The gazelle is swift, sure of foot, and elegant in its running
    The lion is intentional, strong, and efficient in its running
    The gazelle knows that it must outrun the lion, or it will be killed
    The lion knows it must outrun the gazelle, or it will starve
    I know I must outrun my competitors in front of me and behind me, or I won’t win
    No matter what the new day brings, though, my Xero shoes are with me…
    I’m running WILD!!


  6. My friends laughed when they saw my xeros at the first time. With this i will stop them laughing. They will cry, because my friends want also a pair.
    It is a must have!

  7. I am a long-time runner. I am 31 and have been running regularly since I was 5. BUT… I was never taught the right way to use my feet. I was raised in a strict shoe-wearing family. Therefore I naturally developed wrong habits in my style of running (and walking). As I ran more and became more passionate about increasing my run time, the problems merely intensified. I was constantly stretching my legs to keep from having too much pain. The worst pain I ever felt was in my knees. At one point, it felt like someone was sticking a 2-inch needle in my knee every time I bent it. But… even with all this pain… I continued to do what I always did: run the wrong way. I didn’t know! I thought this pain was just expected. I knew that running was the most high-impact sport. BUT, is that really true? Then one day, my Dad who ran at least once every week, had an accident. While on a run, his knee gave out and he barely made it back home. After knee surgery, the doctor recommended for him to never run again. This is what really woke me up. Did I want to end up like that? NO! But I wanted to continue running. This is what motivated me to really research into the art of running. Wow! I was amazed. I found out I have been using my feet the wrong way for my whole life. Even though I got to the point where my fastest 2 mile race was done in 11 minutes and 18 seconds. At that point, which was last year, I started training myself to use my feet the correct way. That included a lot of bare foot walking and running. That led me to look for different shoes that would support me using all these muscles in my feet, which frankly I had not been using for a very long time. I searched for days looking at so many different shoes. I went and tried on shoes. Everything seemed to be lacking in one way or another. Then I found these Xero shoes. Wow! These gave me what I was looking for at a reasonable cost. I purchased a pair. Then my brother, purchased a pair. He wore them every day to college. Then we both purchased another pair. Although I am not allowed to wear these at work, when I am not at work, I either go barefoot or wear these. The freedom and use of my foot that they allow is simply amazing. I have had my pair for a year now and I still wear them regularly. During warm weather, they are definitely one of my favorite shoes.

  8. I’ve worn through two knots on my original huaraches (original Invisible shoe cherry sole kit with pink laces, now quite short). There is some sole wear, but they are what I put on for every run. Last night I dreamed I was walking on water. I’ve waited 50 years for a super power, and here they were in my shoes the whole time. Can’t wait to see what the Sensori Ventures can do. Fly?

  9. Steven, I was hurt severely over my entire body inside and
    out while working overseas. I’ve had so
    many surgeries. In the double digits and still counting. I was told I would never run again. I found you guys online (several years
    ago-2009(?)). This was before you
    changed the company’s name. I read
    everything you had on your website and watched all your videos. I do get a kick out of watching you and your
    videos and tell others that even if they don’t want to buy your shoes they
    should at least just watch the videos you make and they would get a positive
    kick out of you. I bought two pair of
    your shoes way back then. 4 and 6 mm. I taught myself to run again with the help of
    your shoes. I still remembered my first
    run. This was after walking miles &
    miles (in very little baby steps) in your shoes. I started out walking in yards and worked my
    way up to a mile and then just started going on from there. All this before I
    ever ran again. My first run was between
    1/8 -1/4 mile and boy did I hurt, but not from your footwear just from the
    stress placed on my broken body, but boy was I one happy person! To date I have
    ran up to 9 miles on a single track mountain trail at one time. I have had many setbacks over the years where
    I got to the point where I could no longer run for whatever reason. Like another surgery or a setback from one of
    my previous surgeries and would have to start all over again. I currently have not been able to run since
    Feb. of this year and it will probably be next year before I can start over
    again trying to run again, but I have done it once already and I will do it
    again, God willing, but it was your shoes and your instructions that taught me
    a different way to run and I defied what the doctors told me. I do want to buy a new pair of your new
    shoes, but if I happen to win a pair I don’t want them. I’ll pay for mine and I would want the pair I
    win to be given to someone who might not otherwise get a chance to have a
    pair. Thanks for your influence and your
    products. Maybe one day you and I can
    meet. Run Free!

  10. To be sure, the Sensori Venture’s are a thing of beauty. They are a synergistic blend of primitive simplicity along with high tech ingenuity. I would call it one more step in harmony with the source.

  11. My first run in Xero Shoes (Invisible Shoes at that time) made me want to put on a loincloth and go tearing through the jungle like Tarzan. They really are that freeing and really touch something primal in the human soul (and the human sole too!) I can’t wait to get my feet on the upgraded Sensori Venture. Thank you for continuing to innovate and provide outstanding customer service!

    1. If you ever do the loincloth thing, make sure you send pics and video! 😉

  12. I am a 77 year old male volkswalker hiking the trails of Oregon and, on our motorhome tours, of the National Parks (the image was taken at Glacier National Park). About two years ago I developed knee problems – enter the Xero shoe, and although the problem is not eliminated, it has been significantly alleviated to the point where 5-7 mile walks are not a problem. I have 2 pairs of Xero’s (one of which is showing significant wear) and am looking for the third pair – hopefully Sensori Ventures! I have worn the Xero’s exclusively for the past 18 months and, in all types of weather and to all activities with lots stares and occasional of questions such as “what are they?”, “don’t they hurt your feet on the rocky trails?” (NO!) and “where can I get a pair?

  13. These just came (naturally at the same time as a super cold storm). You’ve won! These are awesome. They blow away every other minimalist sandal I’ve seen. I can’t wait to wear them more often. Now I can experiment with my old pair and make up some really crazy tying systems and not worry about ruining them.

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