Phil Maffetone On Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals

I don’t get starstruck, but I do get excited when I meet someone who’s work I’ve admired and appreciated for years. And Phil Maffetone is one of those people.

I got my copy of Phil’s book In Fitness and In Health in 1997 and, way back then (even earlier, really), he advocated minimalism and barefoot running. Reading his books almost made me want to switch from sprinting to marathons.

So, I was thrilled when Phil responded to my email asking if he wanted to try a pair of Xero Shoes, even more thrilled when he said yes, and ecstatic to read his review on Zero-Drop back in the day.

It starts with a sentence that could put a chill in the heart of any shoe maker:

I don’t like writing shoe reviews, because I don’t like many shoes.

But it happily and quickly leads to something we’ve heard from thousands of customers:

I slipped them on — easy enough. I walked, jumped, and ran. It was an all around pleasant surprise.

Phil is smart enough not to overdo it in a new pair of shoes, but like many who enjoy the feeling of being able to Feel The World, he couldn’t help himself and went out for a 20 minute spin.

If you don’t know Phil, you have got to check out his writing (and his music!). A true pioneer in the fitness, running and health world.

Thanks, Phil!

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