NEW barefoot sandals from Xero Shoes!

Want even BETTER barefoot sandals? Well, that’s what you’ll find here:

Sensori becomes Amuri

First, we’re changing the name of our Sensori sandal line to Amuri, inspired by “Raramuri,” the name of the Tarahumara tribe in their native language.

New Venture Colors

Next, we have 2 cool colors we’re adding to the Amuri Venture — CAMO and OCEAN CAMO! No two of these are alike; each is hand made (so they cost a bit more, but they’re worth it for the style!).

Xero Shoes Camo Barefoot Sandal Pair Xero Shoes Ocean Camo Barefoot Running Sandal Pair

The most comfortable, versatile Xero Shoe yet

And last but certainly not least, we’ve got an exciting new product for you. When we gave this to our wear testers — who ran, hiked, walked, paddle boarded, workout out, and more — they didn’t want to give them back.

We call them the Amuri Cloud.

Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud CharcoalXero Shoes Amuri Cloud MochaXero Shoes Amuri Cloud Royal BlueXero Shoes Amuri Cloud Lime
Based on the same idea as our Venture, the Cloud is 6mm thick, but we’ve replaced 3mm of that with Barefoam™ in the forefoot. There’s a paradoxical effect where you’re slightly more barefoot than in the Venture, but you feel a bit more protected because of the light cushioning (not enough to interfere with natural gait, especially since there’s no foam in the heel).

The Cloud is lighter than the Venture — only 4.6 ounces for a men’s 9 — more flexible, stylish, and it even floats!

Some think the Venture is the heavy-duty sandal (and it is), but the Cloud is made to handle whatever you put it through.

Click Here to get your Men’s Amuri Cloud. Click Here to get your Women’s Amuri Cloud.

For the Amuri Venture Camo colors … Men: Click Here for the Camo.  Women: Click Here for your Camo Ventures.

As always, if you have any questions, drop us an email or give a call — 303.447.3100 or 800.499.8880 — or leave your comments, below.

Feel The World!

40 thoughts on “NEW barefoot sandals from Xero Shoes!

  1. oh i´m first? 🙂
    Hey Steve. The camu Amuri looking great and and the new cloud Amuri even better. May be i can get them in europe?

    1. Some of our European stores will have these any day now. See

      1. i am a hunter with a 4mm, a 6mm and a sentori 🙂 Is it normal that i hear a “flap-flap-flap” sound on streets or do i anything wrong. I will wait for the cloud…

        1. I wouldn’t say “wrong.” How ’bout “not optimal” 😉

          Check out for info about that (and how it goes away).

  2. I am buying a pair of the Amuri Cloud’s for my mother’s birthday. They look like a great product. I am a huge fan of the classic xero shoes myself. The shoes are simply perfect if I need shoes really quick for something. Pull them out of my bag, and lace them up real quick. Just for your information Steven, the link for the Amuri Cloud’s are mislabeled. It says “Click Here to get your Men’s Amuri Venture.” That link will take you to get the Amuri Cloud. Anyways thanks for these awesome products. Xero Shoes are definitely my go to shoes when the world is not too barefoot friendly. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll fix that right away (so people won’t know what you and I were talking about in a moment 😉 )

  3. is this available thru Amazon ? coz am still awaiting my sensori for last 6 months in India, i am sure the package is lost somewhere…not ur fault, just want to buy through Amazon coz havent lost any thru them

    1. The Amuri Cloud and the Camo colors aren’t on Amazon yet, but will be after April 1st.

  4. I’ve been showing off your Amuri (Sensori) Venture sandals in Australia the past year, so hopefully that brought you some business. A big outdoor retail store, Mountain Designs, was very interested in them and I was showing off your website with a store manager a few months ago in the Gold Coast area. If they haven’t made orders yet, be sure to contact them because they loved them!

    Can’t wait to get the Amuri Cloud!

    1. Thanks, Nick!

      We have an AU distributor who is coming on board soon. Hopefully with their help and that of our AU customers and fans, like you, I’ll have a good reason to come visit soon! 😉

  5. I’m a nationally ranked sprinter and I use either the Xero Basic or some of the minimalist tying styles without a problem.

  6. I posted earlier but it went away – 🙁
    I get some calf pain, usually the right calf. Will focus on form – landing my feet more under my body and clawing on the way up. I too get some slap, especially at faster speeds or when walking. Any insight would be great. Love the sandals and will try the new ones soon 🙂

    1. Your previous post didn’t “go away”… I have to manually approve all posts and you made it while I was sound asleep.

      So, I’ll answer this one and delete the other 😉

      DO NOT “CLAW” on the way up. In addition to being inefficient, it’ll create friction that you don’t need. The thing you want to do to get your foot off the ground is LIFT it (think about flexing/bending your hip, or the non-pushing movement that lifts your foot off the ground if it were stung by a bee)

      Calf pain is almost always from either overstriding (the “braking forces” you apply when decelerating causing calf strain), or pushing off the ground more than necessary (which could be “clawing”).

      Regarding slapping, see — it’s almost always related to overstriding. The few times it’s not, it’s either landing too hard (relax and bend your knees a bit more), or most rarely having things tied WAY too loose.

  7. Hello, when they will be available in Europe?
    Xero Uk does not have them, still use the “old” Sensori name
    PS Need to find some shop in Italy who wants to sell Xero Shoes!!

    1. We’re all in the process of changing from Sensori to Amuri.

      Our UK dealers will be making the Clouds available VERY soon.

      And, agreed about Italy!

    2. They’re available now 🙂

  8. Hi, Steven! Can I cut out the Cloud sandals to have a shape closer to my own feet as the originals or would it ruin them?

    1. They’re not really designed for that.

  9. Hi Steven and Lena! Have you considered releasing a “wide” version? I’m one of those odd people with “hobbit” feet – short, wide, and a HUGE arch. I bought a pair of your Sensori Ventures in a men’s 6, but my pinkie toes hang halfway off the outside. Right now, it seems like my best bet is with a DIY kit, but I like the style/function of these and the Ventures.

    1. Check the Venture size 7 and see if that’s better.

      Otherwise, the DIY kits are about 2-3mm wider, per size… and you can go up a few sizes until you find a width that works for you. Send us a tracing of your foot and we can tell you which DIY size is right for you.

      We love the idea of making the ready-to-wear products fit EVERYONE, but it’s just not possible. Each new size, or each new width costs us a TON of money and we need to make sure that we’ll sell enough to justify the cost. I’d love to, for example, have a size 16 in the Venture and Cloud… but we know from the sales of our largest kit that we would never recoup the cost of producing them.

      1. I figured that was going to be the case, but thought I’d ask. In either case, I love my Xeroshoes and your “Things Barefoot Runners Say” videos. Keep up the good work! The Shark Tank was dead wrong…!

  10. I just purchased a pair and within under an hour a new model comes out! just my luck!

    1. Give Mike a call at 303.447.3100 and ask him what he can do to help you out.

      1. No real problem! If I like them which I think I will. I’ll just purchase a pair of the new model,

  11. I thought I mentioned that in the video… hmmm… better re-check.

    The Cloud has more ground feel than the Venture since it’s less total rubber. And, paradoxically, it has great protection because of how the Barefoam works.

    That help?

    1. Yep, thanks! You did use similar words in the video – just wanted to confirm; it was the “more protection” (and “comfort”, since I find completely bare most comfortable) aspect(s) that I wanted to verify wouldn’t be too interfering, in case I was misinterpreting the terms used. I’ll order the Cloud. Thanks for the quick clarification!

  12. I’m just converting from running sneakers to Xeros. I ran for the first time in Clouds today. I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow but from what I was reading, the conversion wasn’t as bad for me as I’d expected it. I was able to go 2.5 miles total for a first run and was getting better as time was going-no blisters or soreness yet. I did have quite a bit of trouble with the fit though. I was finding that in order for it to stay on my foot, I had to tighten the laces so much that my heel came way off the heel cup and the tip of my toes actually had to overhang the front of the shoe. Any suggestions on how to fix it so the shoe fits a bit more normal?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Some people find what Lena calls “the sweet spot” of tying — not too tight, not too loose — right away. Others take some time to experiment before they find it. It sounds like you’re in the latter camp at the moment.

      Other than: “Play with the tension and angles, you should be able to find a comfy fit that works”, there’s not a lot I can say from just a description. If you want to email us some photos, we can say something more specific.

      1. I think I figured it out. I don’t know all the technical names for everything but I’ll try with explanation. By moving the lace around the toe separator from one side to the other and working the lace around the entire shoe all the way to the fastener, it tightened up the shoe. It actually made the shoe fold in a little bit and contour to my arch a little more instead of being just completely flat. So far, it makes the shoe feel much more comfortable and it is tighter around my ankle and I don’t think it will slip off. I look forward to my next run to really test it out but I am feeling good about it. An unfortunate side effect is I have loop on extra lace. Once I feel comfortable with the change, I may remove the fastener and cut the extra lace on the piece that has the loop. Steven, with the Cloud already prelaced with a standard set, there aren’t the lacing options like there are on the regular Xeros. May I suggest putting up a page on the site that shows different ways to adjust the lacing for us novices. (I didn’t know about this option until Mike at Customer Support emailed me your YouTube video.)

  13. Hi, I’m from Italy and I’d like to buy a pair of Amuri Cloud. I know that there’s a UK shop, but it’d cost less buying them from the shop on this site (considering the shipping costs, obviously). Will there ever be an Italian shop or am I waiting for Godot? 🙂

    1. We don’t have an Italian dealer at the moment (April 15, 2014), but we’re working on it.

      Whenever we get a new dealer, we announce it on Facebook ( and post it on our Stores page at

  14. We’re working on it, Shalonne. Since it’s so expensive to make each size, we have to make sure we’ll be able to sell enough to justify the cost.

    1. Thanks! Are there any barefoot sandals you’d recommend for kids out there these days? Something not DIY? The DIY ones were cute – but my kids didn’t find them to be very comfortable and weren’t willing to sit still to get the laces just right. I’d rather get something simpler they can more easily slip on and off when they want.

      1. I don’t have a recommendation for you. Sorry.

  15. Here is my experience, so far, with Venture:
    So far, I’m up to 8 miles running on these barefoot sandals. Last year, I did the Chicago marathon in Vibram Bikila LS barefoot shoes. So, I would like to be able to do a marathon in one of these sandals some day.

    With the Ventures, Xero has truly innovated the the huarache and brought it into the 21st century.

    By building up the side “wings”, the straps no longer go under and through the sole of the shoe. This allows them to use a lighter, more comfortable strap that should not wear out, since it is no longer coming into contact with the ground.

    The toe post is very comfortable between your toes, compared to the burly straps of old, and the achilles strap is comfortable and flat out works.

    Heel Cup / Guard Flaw
    There is one serious flaw with this shoe – the heel cup is totally unnecessary. It not only adds a lot of weight, it creates imbalance in the shoe. If you hold the sandal, the back will bend down, due to the heel cup. This causes a “slapping” effect when you run that leads to massive blisters on the bottom of your heel. I have cut them off, as have many others, which not only reduces weight, but restores balance to the sandal. And no more slapping either! Since the sandal uses very light straps, there is no torquing of your foot – so it stays straight and you don’t need the cup to keep in place. Also, the idea of keeping stuff out of a sandal is like expecting your windshield visor to keep rain out of a convertible car – you don’t need that heel cup.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Adam.

      FWIW, we have lots of others who LOVE the heel cup and have never had a problem with it (everyone in this office, included). I’m also a bit confused, since I can balance the Venture on my finger (in the middle of the shoe) and the heel cup doesn’t pull the sole down like you’re describing.

      That said, we take all comments seriously and have some interesting things planned. Stay tuned 😉

    2. I agree with what you said about heel cup problem. I am posting the image of blister I had with heel cup. We don’t need heel cup at all. I am planning to cut it off.

      1. FWIW, we have literally hundreds of emails from people who LOVE the heel cup.

        Keep in mind that the only way you can get a blister is with friction, and if you’re creating friction on the heel area, that suggests something about either fit or form that might be worth attending to.

        I’m not trying to suggest your experience isn’t real… just adding some info to the conversation about heel cups.

  16. I hate shoes; have for years. I have tried all kinds of minimalist shoes from Ecco to Skora and even the xero shoes connect. I could never get the connects adjusted for a comfortable fit.

    I am fat; about 60 pounds overweight. I run for exercise and usually run in my Skora Forms – love them. I can usually run about a mile-and-a-half continuously then walk a bit and can manage another half-mile before walking a bit more.

    I did one of my typical runs in my Skoras and felt pretty good. The next day – recovery day – I decided to go for a walk in my Amuri Clouds; they felt great so I decided to jog a little to see how they would feel. After about 50 yards the heel straps slipped so I stopped to make the adjustments. I GOT IT RIGHT! They were snug but not binding. I started jogging again and after another 50 yards I picked up the pace and ran…and kept running. I ran straight through for 2.5 miles! I was instantly in love. I was expecting to have some tightness in my calves the next day but did not. I felt great over the next two days.

    Tonight I will be running again and I am looking forward to taking the Amuri’s out again. YMMV but once you get these adjusted correctly – and your feet have adjusted to “barefoot” which I have been doing for several years – these will be the most comfortable shoes you own.

    A few notes:

    • I like the heel cup; it doesn’t actually touch my heel since I adjusted the straps for running, but it does help keep “stuff” out of your heel.

    • the silicon (?) toe strap makes this MUCH more comfortable than the classics IMHO.

    • I don’t know how long the foam on the cloud will last – time will tell. I am having no problems with it yet and my feet are really smooth. I don’t know if it will hold up long to callus feet though – maybe another reviewer can comment.

    TLDR; These shoes enabled me to run nearly twice as far, comfortably (once adjusted properly) and with no ill recovery effects.

    1. Thanks so much for your story, Andrew!

      Keep us posted, and share some pics on our FB page (


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