Long distance running in huaraches

About once a week I get a call or an email from someone who asks, “Can you run in Invisible Shoes for long runs?”

I usually point out to them that the Tarahumara are known for running ultra-marathons in huaraches, so, Yes.

But some people respond, “Sure, but I’m not a Tarahumara Indian.”

True (but not necessarily relevant).

So, how bout a hometown boy who just ran in his Invisible Shoes huaraches… for SIXTY-EIGHT MILES!

Here’s a picture from Barefoot Jason Robillard after his run:

barefoot running shoes

Read the rest of the thread about his run at the Runners World Barefoot Running forum

  • ken ng

    I alternate bare feert with invisible huaraches and average one hour/run. Longest bare and huarache runs have been 90 minutes all on roads/siedewalks. Looking for 2 hours in the next 2 weeks. Rubber/sole satisfaction!

  • About 2 mile barefoot run on sidewalks. One hour hiking rough & rocky in sandals.
    On the run:
    One stubbed toe,
    One thorn that I thought was a bruse for a day,
    One small blister.
    Worth it to be enjoying running again.
    running again.

  • Starting barefoot speed golfing tomorrow.
    Just received my universal club that adjusts
    to different head angles.

  • Jojo

    Injinji socks rule! Those are the ones he is wearing in the pic. I love using the Injinji socks with my huaraches when it gets a bit chili.

    68 miles is nuts but now I have to try it! just kidding I will be pleased to do a marathon. I am up to 12 miles on rough trials.

  • Michael

    I usually run barefoot on sidewalks and asphalt (pods are still too tender for rocky trails.) Typical distance is ~6 miles, longest barefoot run is 10 miles. I’m working up to half marathon distance…and beyond! I tuck my huaraches in my waste band in case I encounter rocky areas or develop a tender spot.

  • Bernie

    I run 20 miles plus in my huaraches when it’s nice out. They’re easily the most comfortable shoes I could imagine, once you get the lacing figured out. Plus, no stinky feet!

  • Darlene

    the first time I wore my huaraches I ran 5 miles…I was expecting my feet to be sore but nothing…..they are by far my favorite shoe to run in. I also wear the vibrams five fingers and I love those also. I’ll never wear a running shoe again……

  • Amir

    My feet got swollen after the barefoot runs on side walks. Since that experience I found out that it is much better to bend the knees than to use the legs as stilts. Surprising late discovery since I have completed 8 marathons in Asic running shoes. Have changed my style to include bent knees but the muscles enabling that do not have enough endurance yet. Ran 4 miles on black top today in my Invisible Shoes though. It was quite enjoyable.
    This might be useful information. While running barefoot with stiff legs, I had the clear indication that my right leg was longer. With bent knees the problem is not worth bothering about. So I am not worrying whether it is congenital, muscular or of some other kind.
    Hope to do longer runs in Invisible Shoes before trying barefoot runs on side walks again.

  • I have been running in Vibrams for the past year, but found them to be uncomfortable now that I am getting into some longer runs. Got my huaraches last week, decided on a tying method that works for me, and did a 7-mile run a few days ago. Loved them! Doing a 15k race in March, then training for Disney in a year – planning to do all of that in my Invisible Shoes.

  • Terry wright jr

    Ive only been running in mine for 6 weeks but, just finished a 6.8 ml run and will run this years Marine Corps marathon in them.

  • Ekkehard

    68 miles?? Congratulations! Myself I have my invisibles for 7 weeks and after a short test phase I used them for my short runs instead of my Hattoris. After only 4 weeks I am doing all my training distances (6-12 miles) in my invisibles, WITHOUT ANY problems. …and the best thing is they slip on/off so easily that I can change to barefoot quickly whenever I want to. My plan is a half marathon this autumn….

  • Randy Kreill., Beavercreek OH

    Nice. I had not seen this, although last year while visiting the New Balance Outlet in the Dayton area, they were giving away copies of Jason Robilard’s “The Barefoot Running Book” to customers like myself who were clearly interested in minimalist footwear/natural running.

    I’ve wondered if any runners have done a full 100 miles in huaraches by Inv. Shoes. As much as any shoes, including lightweight minimalist ones tend to lead me to foot contact pain, leg cramps, and muscle spasms in the legs after about mile 17, I can’t imagine going long in anything more than huaraches now.

    Jason has a lot of good advice in his book regarding the transition to natural running, the “top of foot pain” phase, etc.

    I did my longest and most technical 32 miler this past Saturday in chilly temps, rain, mud, etc. The huaraches did great for me. In many ways, it was my best long run ever. I felt good or great the entire run of 6:39. Looking forward to attempting 50 miles of trails on June 30th.

  • Paul

    I got my Invisible Shoes about 4 weeks ago and decided to integrate them into my marathon training program. I have been wearing the huaraches for all of my weekday runs of 3-6 miles each. For my long runs, I’ve been doing about 2/3 of the total long run in my huaraches — 8 miles out of 12 this weekend — because my muscles and feet are still adapting and getting stronger. I expect within the next few weeks I’ll be able to do 100% of the long run distances in huaraches. I hope so, because I already can’t stand running in my old asics — and I’ve never felt better.