Jordan Flowers’ reviews Xero Shoes and…

Jordan Flowers just posted his review of Xero Shoes (formerly Invisible Shoes) and often mentions “other huaraches”, without mentioning names… but it’s kind of obvious who the comparison is to if you’ve been looking at huaraches.

I must say that I’m thrilled to see someone independently discovering what we’ve been saying for 2 years 😉

Enjoy his review of Xero Shoes here.

One thought on “Jordan Flowers’ reviews Xero Shoes and…

  1. Steven–

    I just read the Invisible Shoe review by Jordan Flowers. Reading it I noticed that he commented on building a callous between the two toes where the lace comes through. As you may recall, I had issues with irritation between my toes when I first started wearing the Invisible Shoes. I felt this would be a good time to let you know how I essentially solved that problem.

    I have been reading Chi Running by Danny Dreyer. One of the things he discusses is foot alignment while running. I never gave this much thought, but then I realized one of my problems back in my shod days was that I am an over-pronator. Because of that when I’m running my feet point outwards rather than straight ahead. Since learning this I’ve paid especial attention to rotating my hips inward causing my feet to point straight ahead. With this change I’ve noticed that I don’t get the blisters on my heels that I used to get. Apparently when I ran my heel would scuff the ground as my foot made contact, causing a blister. Similar things were happening to my smaller toes. I also noticed the pressure from the lace coming between my toes and the subsequent errosion literally vanished.

    It almost seems counterintuitive that something that is so relaxing and peaceful requires so much thought and concentration, but in the long run (no pun intended) it is all really worth it. All those things that one must pay attention to while running don’t detract one bit from the pleasure and relaxation gained from running.

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