Xero Shoes barefoot running sandal outsole — FeelTrue™ 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact

A major advance for barefoot sandals


We are extremely proud to introduce you to the only outsole specifically designed for barefoot running, our FeelTrue™ outsoles! Here is our CEO, Steven Sashen, describing it himself, back when we were still called InvisibleShoe!

Click Here to order our DIY FeelTrue Rubber Sandal Kit

With the help of one of the world’s top outsole manufacturers, and former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, we started with the famous Vibram Cherry material (that we’ve been happily offering since November 2009) and made these huge improvements with our DIY FeelTrue Rubber Sandal Kit:

  • Contoured to fit your foot, without providing unnecessary support
  • “High-abrasion” material lasts a long time
  • Very flexible (great barefoot feel) while still providing strong protection
  • Holds it shape better
  • Slight “toe spring” keeps the sole closer to your foot
  • Sized for feet from 5″ to 15″ long — many people can use the outsole without trimming! (and there’s less waste if you do)
  • Elegant shape with subtle arch and heel cup
  • Easily customized with just a pair of kitchen scissors
  • Topsole pattern feels soft while providing traction
  • Reinforced, extended, and elevated ankle holes keep lace from wearing out
  • Dual-Chevron tread pattern provides traction under any condition
  • Material includes some recycled stock

There are two models of our FeelTrue™ outsole:

  1. 4mm thick Connect — the closest thing to barefoot. Extremely light weight (men’s US size 9 weighs ~3.7 ounces)
  2. 6mm thick Contact — still a great barefoot feel, but with more protection. Slightly stiffer, but still flexible. (men’s size 9 weighs ~ 5.3 ounces)

Whether you walk, run, hike, or use your Xero Shoes for anything else, we can’t wait for you to try Connect and Contact and let us know how much you enjoy being able to Feel The World™.

Click Here to order our DIY FeelTrue Rubber Sandal Kit!

11 thoughts on “Xero Shoes barefoot running sandal outsole — FeelTrue™ 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact

  1. Stephen,

    Those are AWESOME looking sandals. Love the traction lugs on the outsole! Can’t wait to take them out on trail runs 🙂


  2. […] When I fired up my RSS feed reader this morning, I saw some very exciting news from Invisible Shoe, makers of my favourite minimalist huaraches. IS has a new outsole called FeelTrue. It’s different in a number of ways from the standard Invisible Shoe outsole, in that it’s contoured, has a subtle arch and heel cup, and has a slight “toe spring” to keep the sole closer to the foot. It comes in two thicknesses (4mm and 6mm) and a new dual-chevron tread pattern. You can find all the details here. […]

  3. […] you’re waiting for the reviews, have a look at the Connect and Contact info on the Invisible Shoe site. And stay […]

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  5. I just ordered both a Connect and a Contact. I have enjoyed my previous invisible shoes and think these might be even better.

  6. B E A utiful! Feeltrue is a smoother ride than the original sole. GREAT work. THANKS!

  7. currently backpacking in my vibram cherry huraches, would love a new pair of these! wish I was in one place so I could order a pair,.

  8. There are no dimensions given for the width measurement in the new style. Would you please consider including some width measurements? Perhaps 1 at the lace holes, and 1 at the widest point?

    I’m a big fan of the original Invisible Shoes and I’d like to try the new ones. Both my BF and I have wide feet. So wide that ready made shoes do not fit properly.

    1. I’m a couple days away from being able to not only post measurements, but templates… so you can download, print, and see how your foot fits on the outsoles. Seemingly simple things like this are surprisingly harder than I think they should be 😉

  9. I have been Running Barefoot on and off for years now… initially as the result of bad sneakers, I just took them off and ran… and experienced a lot of ridicule. Shoes with toes came out, they don’t even come close to fitting. trying to find a comfortable pair of shoes has proved impossible… even with modification. Barefoot running also seems to eliminate knee and ankle soreness and shock. This looks like a product I must have, although I am a little concerned about a single string holding on the front, between the toes… I still must try it. Now I see others running barefoot on the trail people used to sneer on. Websites and movements popping up. Nice to be validated. Nice to have an option so you don’t carve your feet in the street.

    1. Hey Kevin… that lace holds without a problem… and there are other tying styles at http://www.invisibleshoe.com/tying. Looking forward to hearing what you experience when you grab a pair!

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