Are your shoes killing you?

I’m a fan of debunking “common wisdom” and uncovering surprising truths.

That’s what led me to take off my expensive running shoes in 2009 and see what happened if I let my feet move, bend, flex, and feel… naturally.

For me, the rest is history.

But for many, the idea that your feet can actually do the job they were made for is still revolutionary and somewhere out in the future.

Happily, my favorite podcast, which emerged from one of my favorite books, is helping more people entertain the idea that those things at the ends of your legs can support you without “support.”

Check out the recent Freakonomics podcast, “These shoes are killing me!”, below, then go to the Podcast Page and chime in with your thoughts about how they may as well have been advertising Xero Shoes! 😉

One thought on “Are your shoes killing you?

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I am a fan of Xero and totally barefoot. At 71, I am proof that the common “wisdom” is false. I run this style to save my back, my knees and ankles. Just wish I had known better years ago!

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