Where to find barfoot sandals for weddings?

Almost every day we get an email from someone saying, “I’m having a wedding and I want to be barefoot… but not barefoot,” or “I want to have barefoot sandals for myself as the bride, or for my bridesmaids, or for all of us,” or, “We’re having a wedding on the beach and shoes just don’t seem appropriate. Sandals seem appropriate but we want something that looks cute, something that’s fun, something we can decorate.”

Maybe it’s going to turn into a bridal shower event or a wedding party event where people make their own sandals and decorate them themselves so there’s a theme of barefoot sandals, but each person has their own unique flavor.

Outfitting a wedding party is easy to do, and whether you have a DIY party or everyone gets ready to wear sandals, it’s a lot of fun. If you’re having a wedding party and you want to have Xero Shoes for everybody in the party, give us a shout, drop us an email, and we’ll help you make that happen.

We want to see pictures because if we know you’re going to have a lot of fun, then we want to share that with everyone else!