Where can I buy Xero Shoes’ minimalist sandals?

Well, clearly the easiest place is right here on our website.

We ship all around the world. We have sold Xero Shoes to people in 97 countries including:

  • India
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Japan

There are physical stores in the US and all around the world that carry Xero Shoes, as well, including REI, Whole Earth Provision Company, Jax, and many more.

If you go to XeroShoes.com/stores, you will see the current list of stores that carry Xero Shoes. We recommend calling the store in advance to see which products they have in stock

We’re adding new stores every week, so check back on that list or subscribe to our newsletter so you hear about new stores.

Check back and see where you can try on a pair, or just get yours here and Live Life Feet First!