What’s the temperature rating for your shoes?

We find that temperature ratings aren’t very accurate. They vary greatly depending on environmental factors, like humidity and typical weather (a Tennessee snowstorm is quite different from one in Colorado!)

Below is an overview that might help:

We hope you don’t have to ask, but in case you do…our sandals will not keep your feet warm.  Add a pair of socks, like ToeSox and you can make it through colder weather. Find some waterproof, insulated socks and you can be one of those people who wears socks all year ’round. Check out what our CEO, Steven Sashen, has done in a Colorado winter

Closed Toe Shoes
Most of our closed-toe shoes are not designed to keep your feet warm. They’ll be just as warm as a traditional closed toe shoe.

Water Resistant Boots and Shoes

The following boots are water resistant, not waterproof. They’ll repel water to a certain degree and keep your feet warm, but they aren’t “trudge through a slushy puddle in the middle of winter” level weatherproof.

If you love the style of one of our water resistant shoes, you can enhance their ability to repel water by adding a waterproof coating, like a Scotch Guard spray or beeswax.


Waterproof Boots

Currently, the Xcursion Fusion hiking boots and Alpine snow boots are our only fully-waterproof options. These shoes are fully waterproof and will keep your feet dry in wet-weather conditions. Bring it on, monsoon!