What’s the difference between the Genesis, Cloud, and your DIY kits?

The Genesis and Cloud are ready-to-wear barefoot-inspired sandals. For our kits you, well, have to make them 😉

Both products use our exclusive FeelTrue® rubber, the only outsole product made specifically for barefoot style sandals.

The Genesis’s sole is 5mm thick, compared to either 4mm or 6mm on the DIY kits. The Cloud has 3mm of Barefoam™ in the forefoot for a bit of extra comfort and lighter weight (the Clouds float!)

The Cloud and Genesis have a toe loop, so there’s no knot under your foot.

The Cloud and Genesis have a simpler lacing system with a patented adjustment technology that lets you get a perfect fit in just seconds.

The ankle holes on the Cloud and Genesis are raised off the ground so the lace can’t abrade.