What if the Z-Trek is too long for me?

There are 54 different foot shapes. And no product will fit everyone perfectly.

If you’re not sure you have the right size, drop us an email with some photos (top, side, back) and we’ll give you our opinion.

If you have the right size but the Z-Trek shape doesn’t quite match your foot… CUT IT! That’s right, you can trim the Z-Trek with a good pair of kitchen scissors. To finish the edge cleanly, try some sandpaper. Don’t cut off too much, too soon, though. Take off just a bit, and then see how you did. Remember, you can’t UN-cut.

If you’re a man with a very narrow foot, you may be better in the “women’s” style. Conversely, women with very wide feet, or over a size 10, should check the sizing for he “men’s” products.