What can I do in huaraches?

Humans have been wearing huarache sandals since practically, well, there have been humans.

They’re the simplest form of footwear — something to protect your foot, and some way to hold that protection onto your foot.

So, not surprisingly, people have been doing almost anything in their huaraches:

  • Running (pretty much every distance, from 5K runs to 256K ultra marathons)
  • Walking (we’ve had people stroll on the beach, in cities, and everywhere in between)
  • Hiking (I know hikers who’ve done the PCT, the AT, and the Camino in huaraches)
  • Daily wear (’cause, why not?)

Since we started selling our ready-to-wear huarache-style sandals, and our DIY sandal making kits, we’ve heard from people doing much more:

  • Yoga (it’s like having a yoga mat under your feet whenever you want one)
  • Working out and CrossFit (perfect for deadlifting and squatting)
  • Spas and locker rooms (a great post-hot tub or shower shoe)
  • Recovery (let your feet enjoy active recovery after they’ve been overused)
  • Travel (so lightweight and thin, they take up no room in your bag)
  • Rafting and Kayaking (great for portaging or for letting your feet relax at the end of a day)
  • Skydiving! (seriously, we have photos to prove it)

I don’t recommend huaraches for activities with a lot of lateral movement, like tennis, because the basic design isn’t perfect for that.

But, otherwise, there’s a LOT you can do. And I’m sure you’ll do things we can add to this list.