What are minimalist sandals?

They’re a new spin on mankind’s oldest footwear, made with modern materials.

They allow your feet and legs can work the way nature intended.

Your feet can move as if you were barefoot, but with a layer of protection.

They’re durable, stylish, affordable, but really light and low-profile so it feels like you’re not wearing anything even though you can have strong layer of protection.

Without a raised heel, they allow your posture to align naturally.

Minimalist sandals are flexible, they’re functional, they let your feet move and bend and flex, and they fit your feet. They don’t constrict your feet.

They’re not too stiff. They’re not too high off the ground.

They’re not about being decorative; they’re about being functional — though there are some really fun ways to decorate your sandals, if you like.

Thanks to Chris McDougall’s bestselling book, <em>Born to Run</em>, and research from Harvard’s Daniel Lieberman, people all around the world are discovering the magic of minimalist sandals — also known as <a href=”https://xeroshoes.com/sandals/barefoot/” target=”_blank”>barefoot sandals</a> — because what they really do is let your feet move as if they were barefoot, but with a layer of protection.

Many people have reported that from wearing minimalist sandals their running has improved. It’s helped heal old injuries, helped strengthen their feet (because they can <strong>move</strong> their feet). Some people, like me, found that their flat feet develop arches in them for the first time (<a href=”http://www.bu.edu/motordevlab/files/2015/01/Feet-NS-240115-2.pdf” target=”_blank”>shoes can reshape your feet!</a>).

One worry that people have when they have the idea of going barefoot is they might step on something unpleasant and that’s where a minimalist sandal comes into play because, again, it gives you that total natural experience but with the perfect layer of protection.

So that’s why you’d want to try a pair of minimalist sandals. And whether you want a ready-to-wear pair or a do-it-yourself pair, we have both of those at Xero Shoes, our award-winning sandals that are made specifically for natural fit, natural function, natural feel, to let you feel the freedom, feel the fun and feel the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world are using minimalist sandals almost every activity — running, walking, hiking, camping, biking, CrossFit, yoga, working out, stand up paddle boarding… and much more.

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