What activities can I do in minimalist sandals

We’ve heard from people who’ve done almost everything:

  • Walking
  • Hiking — you’ll see people on the AT, the PCT, the Camino
  • Running (yes, even running 100+ mile trail ultra marathons)
  • Yoga — minimalist sandals are like having a yoga mat right under your feet at all times
  • Paddleboarding — sometimes on the board, sometimes when carrying the board around
  • Travel — they’re so lightweight and thin they take up no room in your bag… and you may not need other footwear at all!
  • Working out — deadlifting and squatting are best in bare feet or with the protection from a minimalist sandal
  • And a LOT more…

By the way, if you start wearing minimalist sandals, be prepared for some people to think you’re crazy.

While we’ve had thousands of people tackle hikes, trails, and climbs that most people think require hiking boots — and, again, our ancestors did the same in less-sturdy sandals than Xero Shoes — some people might, well, say some insulting things to you as you happily traverse your path 😉

Here’s some of what you might hear if you’re running in a pair of minimalist sandals or running barefoot 😉

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