We believe in “Environmentally Intelligent” design

One of our goals is being respectful stewards of our environment and the planet.

With footwear, especially, performance footwear, there are some limitations to what we can do while still providing the durability, usability, and function our customers want, at a price they can afford.

We’re careful not to jump into “sustainable” or “environmentally beneficial” products or methods without looking at the bigger picture. For example, creating fleece from recycled plastic bottles sounds like a great thing… until it was discovered that fleece sheds synthetic microfibers — tiny bits of plastic that marine scientists say could be jeopardizing our oceans.

We think of our measured, long-term vision approach as being “Environmentally Intelligent.”

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Our minimalist designs use fewer materials than traditional shoes (especially the performance products)
  • Our simpler designs, without midsole layers, require less energy to manufacture
  • Our soles last longer — where most performance shoe companies recommend replacing their products every 3-500 miles, our soles have a 5,000 mile sole warranty.
  • Whenever possible, we use renewable materials, like hemp

We look forward to more and better ways we can “tread lightly” as we help you Live Life Feet First!