How do I find my Cassie size?

Shoe sizing, especially online, is not a perfect process. That’s why we have a free exchange policy. We have sizing instructions at the bottom of the product description for the Cassie. The Cassie fits “true-to-size” or a TINY bit small. So you’ll probably be okay selecting your “usual” shoe size. If you think you’re “between […]

Is the Cassie only for Women?

While we designed the Cassie with a “Mary Jane” style that’s typically a women’s shoe, if you’re a man with a narrower foot (our women’s shoes are narrower than the men’s) and like this style… enjoy.

How do I care for my Cassies?

You can wash them with a mild soap and water mixture. The canvas is quite durable, and should come clean easily with a little scrubbing. DO NOT place your Cassies in the dryer when you are finished cleaning, let them air dry

What can I do in the Cassie?

Though the Cassie is designed as a casual shoe, it’s certainly capable of much more than just hanging out. We’ve had people do all kinds of outrageous activities in them so far, but it’s up to your best judgment what you believe they are capable of handling. So, use your common sense and have fun

Is the Cassie Waterproof?

No, the Cassie is a canvas shoe, and will absorb any water it encounters. It is a light canvas, though, and should dry pretty fast after you take them off. Also, you can treat the Cassie with an aftermarket waterproofing spray… but that will make them a bit less flexible.

Are Minimalist Shoes the Same as Barefoot Shoes?

In short, NO. “Minimalist” was a term that big shoe companies came up with in mid-2010 to describe the shoes they created to capitalize on the sudden interest in running barefoot. While “barefoot shoes” are minimalist, not all minimal shoes are barefoot. Harvard’s Dr. Irene Davis defines minimalist/barefoot shoes as: No unnecessary cushioning No unnecessary […]

You Can’t Be Barefoot AND in Shoes!

You’re absolutely right. Being in bare feet is not the same as being in shoes.  We’re the first to admit it. Barefoot is ideal. But it’s not always practical. The term “barefoot shoes” came about to describe footwear that gives you as much of a “barefoot feel” as possible, that let’s your feet bend and […]

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Why Barefoot Sandals and Not Minimalist Shoes?

New to “barefoot shoes”? Trying to decide between the minimalist shoe options? I know the feeling. Back in 2009, when I knew I wanted the benefits of being barefoot, but with a bit of protection (and something that would let me get into restaurants), I tried everything. I LOVE our new minimalist shoes… they’re built […]

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