What’s the different between a Man’s Hiking Boot and Woman’s Boot?

Statistically speaking, a hiking boot for men will have a slightly wider toe box and heel compared to a boot for women. So if you’re a man with a narrow foot, you might consider a “woman’s” boot. And if you’re a woman with a wide foot, consider a “men’s” boot for hiking.

What makes a good hiking boot?

Whether you’re a man or woman, hiking boots should be, first and foremost, COMFORTABLE. That doesn’t mean they’re cushy, and soft, and full of padding. It means that at the end of a walk or hike you’re not in a rush to rip off your boots so your feet can feel better. If you are […]

Are huarache sandals like flip flops?

In short, no. Here’s why. To keep a flip flop on your foot, you need to grip with your toes and basically jam your foot into the thong. Plus, the foam sole materials start breaking down the moment you begin wearing them. Huarache sandals, on the other hand (the type here, not the woven leather […]

What can I do in huaraches?

Humans have been wearing huarache sandals since practically, well, there have been humans. They’re the simplest form of footwear — something to protect your foot, and some way to hold that protection onto your foot. So, not surprisingly, people have been doing almost anything in their huaraches: Running (pretty much every distance, from 5K runs […]

How do you tie Xero Shoes huaraches for running or walking?

When you’re looking to tie your huaraches, there are actually a lot of options. Now, a standard Tarahumara huarache does something like this: The lace goes through the outside of your ankle, then around your heel, and then you’d wrap the lace around your ankle a few times and then lock it down. But there […]

What about the Nike Air Huarache?

Nike makes a product they call the Nike Air Huarache and I have to be honest, I don’t really know why because it has nothing to do with the Mexican huaraches, which are sandals that have the woven leather upper. And it certainly has nothing to do with the Tarahumara huarache running sandals. So I […]

What are the Xero Shoes huaraches sandals?

The traditional Tarahumara huarache sandal is designed with just one leather strap that you wrap around your ankle a few times kind of gladiator-style, then you can tie a little knot around the toe strap and away you go. We’ve simplified things and given you some more options. First we have a patent-pending lacing system […]

Are there women’s styles of huarache sandals?

Women have a lot of huarache sandal style options with Xero Shoes. All of our shoes are like ballet flats. We don’t have any wedge style sandals because we believe that natural is better, and having your heel elevated can offset your posture in ways that cause problems for your back. We want women to […]

What are the huarache styles for men?

Men have a number of different Xero Shoes styles that they can pick from. First, we have a do-it-yourself sandal-making kit. You get a sole in a size that fits your foot and a color that you would like and a thickness that you want — either 4 millimeters for a really barefoot feel or […]

How do you make huarache sandals?

If you want to learn how to make a modern version of the Tarahumara huarache, either in leather or not in leather, there are instructions that are in the playlist beow that show you where you can get all the things that you need for a do-it-yourself sandal-making kit. If you want to learn how […]