What if they’re “too pointy”?

For some people, the Naboso Trail can be too stimulating at first. No problem. Get a THIN pair of socks and wear those with your Naboso Trail at first. When you feel ready, try 5-10 minutes without socks. Over time, by listening to your body, you can build up the amount of time and the […]

Can I wear these all day?

In short, yes. Though it may take you some time to work up to wearing your Naboso Trail sandals all day. No need to push yourself. Do what’s comfortable (and, over time, what’s comfortable will “expand”).

How do I get started with the Naboso Trail?

It will depend on you. Some people will put them on and wear them all day, right away. Others will find that too stimulating. Listen to your body and “be your own coach.” Wear them for 20-30 minutes and see how you feel. If that felt good, add some more time. If it ever feels […]

Where are Xero Shoes made?

We design all of our shoes here in Colorado. Our manufacturing is responsibly and ethically done in China. The factories we use treat and pay their workers exceptionally well. We have Xero team members visiting the factories on a regular basis. Companies much larger than ours use these same factories and have spent millions of […]

How do I find my Hana size?

Shoe sizing, especially online, is not a perfect process. That’s why we have a free exchange policy. We have sizing instructions at the bottom of the product description for the Hana. The Women’s Hana fits small. We recommend buying the Women’s Hana a full size larger than your usual US size. Also, the Hana is […]

How do I care for my Hanas?

You will be able to wash them with a mild soap and water mixture. The canvas is quite durable, and should come clean easily with a little scrubbing. DO NOT place your Hana’s in the dryer when you are finished cleaning, let them air dry.

What can I do in my Hanas?

Practically anything. Though the Hana is designed as a casual shoe, it’s certainly capable of much more than just hanging out. We’ve had people do all kinds of outrageous activities in them so far, but it’s up to your best judgment what you believe they can handle. So, use your common sense and have fun!

Is the Hana Waterproof?

The Hana isn’t fully waterproof but our newest Hana is “water resistant” so your feet should stay dry in most weather conditions.

How do I find my Women’s Hana size?

The Women’s Hana runs small. We recommend that you go up ONE size from your “usual” shoe size. If our sizing recommendation isn’t correct, we do have an exchange policy.