Is the Lena only for Women?

While we designed the Lena as a “women’s shoe” — slightly narrower than the Hana, slightly higher instep, slightly different pattern — if you’re a man with a narrower foot, the Lena might be just right for you.

How do I care for my Lenas?

You can wash them with a mild soap and water mixture. The canvas is quite durable, and should come clean easily with a little scrubbing. DO NOT place your Lena in the dryer when you are finished cleaning, let them air dry.

What can I do in the Lena?

Though the Lena is designed as a casual shoe, it’s certainly capable of much more than just hanging out. We’ve had people do all kinds of outrageous activities in them so far, but it’s up to your best judgment what you believe they are capable of handling. So, use your common sense and have fun!

Is the Prio Waterproof?

It’s not. But the breathable mesh upper should help it dry quickly if you get them wet.

What do I do with those straps on the Prio?

I’ll admit, this is one of my favorite things about the Prio. The huarache-sandal inspired heel strap can be used to hold your heel and ankle in place. Pull the straps through the ankle holes in the sole, and then lock them in place with the laces. The instep straps can be used to secure […]

What can I do in the Prio?

Practically anything. The Prio is our first “performance” shoe. It’s great road running, light trail running, walking, hiking, working out, Crossfit, biking, slacklining… it’s obviously up to you. Once you get them on, I’m sure you’ll do things we never thought of (and we want to see pictures of that!). Put on your Prio and […]

Is the Coalton only for men?

Not really. While it’s designed as a “men’s shoe,” both men and women can, and do, wear the Coalton. That said, the Coalton only goes down to a Men’s size 6.5 (which is about a 7.5 for Women). Also, the Coalton is a bit wider than most “women’s shoes.” For women with wider feet, this […]

How do I find my Coalton size?

Sizing, as you’ve probably experienced, is different between brands. You may wear a 9 from one company and then anything between an 8 and 10 from another company. Luckily, if the size you get is incorrect, we do have a free exchange policy. The Coalton fits true-to-size for most, and 1/2 size small for others. […]

What can I do in the Coalton?

The Coalton is designed for casual use. That doesn’t mean it’s not durable. With our FeelTrue® sole, it can handle much more. But my point is that it’s not for example, a running shoe. (I know now that I’ve said that, someone’s going to run a marathon in these just to prove me wrong 😉 […]

Is the Coalton waterproof?

Not really. The tongue, for example, is independent of the rest of the upper, so water can seep in by the edges of the tongue. But, leather is naturally highly water resistant.