Can I see Reviews of Xero Shoes?

If you want to read more reviews from our customers, check out our reviews pages or the reviews section in every product’s page.

Where Can I Buy Xero Shoes?

If you want to buy some barefoot shoes, it’s getting easier and easier. Obviously, you can find them on our website,, and we have stores all around the world and more and more coming on every week. I’m making this video in 2016; in 2017, you may see Xero Shoes in as many as […]

How Do You Make Xero Shoes DIY Running Sandals?

If you want to make a pair of barefoot shoes, you can. It’s really simple and it’s a lot of fun. People have been doing this for thousands of years. It’s not rocket science or, as they said 5000 years ago when they first started doing this, it’s not rock science. We’ve tried to make […]

Is There Leather In Xero Shoes?

People sometimes ask us if we use leather in our sandals and the answer is as of now, in all of our sandals, we do not, and we don’t for a couple of reasons. One, we like having a product that if you’re vegan that you can wear. We’re not vegans ourselves but we like […]

What Brands Make “Barefoot” Shoes?

When the barefoot boom began back in 2009 thanks to this book, Born to Run by Chris McDougall, there was a really funny thing that happened from 2009 to early 2010. Shoe companies and running shoe stores came out saying, “You don’t want to try that because you’re going to kill yourself. You’re going to […]

How do Xero Shoes Compare to Nike?

The first barefoot shoe that came out, or the first shoe that people thought of as a barefoot running shoe, was the Nike Free and I got a pair of those. This was a good 10-plus years ago and it was miraculous. The sole was flexible in such a way that you would walk and […]

Can I Wear Barefoot Shoes and Sandals During the Winter?

Once you get used to wearing barefoot sandals for running or for walking or hiking or anything else, it’s pretty addicting. In fact, both my wife Lena and I have the same story. We started wearing the Xero Shoes that we made and then, after a couple of weeks, had some reason to put on […]

Beach Wedding Shoes

If you’re looking for a barefoot sandal for a beach wedding, then you’re in good company. We have all these pictures of entire wedding parties who have outfitted themselves in a pair of Xero Shoes because it seems like the right thing to do to wear a pair of sandals on a beach instead of […]

What are Different Style & Designs of Barefoot Shoes?

There are lots of different styles and designs for Xero Shoes. If you start with one of our do-it-yourself kits where you’re buying a sole that matches your foot size and you change the shape by cutting to match your unique foot shape with a pair of scissors. Then you have one of 22 different […]

What Can You Use Barefoot Shoes For?

What can you do in a pair of Xero Shoes? People have done everything – walking on the beach; just going to work; running, of course, everything from a 5K to ultramarathons; taking a stroll down the street; hiking on trails; running on trails. We’ve had people playing golf. We have a lot of people […]