I don’t like things between my toes!

Okay, that’s not a question, but I’ll talk about it anyway 😉

Most people who say this are thinking of flip-flops. Xero Shoes are very different than flip-flops, and people who don’t like things between their toes are usually fine in Xero Shoes.

What’s the difference?

    • First, because of the heel strap, Xero Shoes stay on your foot comfortably, no matter what you’re doing with them. You don’t need to scrunch your toes to hold them on (like you do with a flip-flop).
    • Second, also because of the heel strap, you don’t need to jam your foot into the toe strap with every step (like a flip-flop)
    • Third… Speaking of the toe strap, it’s a soft, flexible bit of lace, not a hard rubber door stopper (like a you-know-what)
    • And finally, you can adjust the tension of the toe strap, unlike a… Well, you get the idea.