How do you run in running sandals?

The basic idea is that you use the same form as if you were running barefoot.

Running in sandals just adds a bit of protection for your sole.

So, the key ideas:

  • Land with your foot close to your body, almost under your center of mass. Some people call this “shortening your stride.”
  • Think about your foot BARELY touching the ground… so you almost want to lift it the moment it contacts the ground
  • It’s easier to do the above if you increase your cadence — the steps per minute — without running faster
  • Think about LIFTING your foot off the ground (by flexing your hip) rather than PUSHING your foot off the ground
  • Start with a SHORT run (like, 20 seconds!). When that’s fun and easy, add 10 seconds to your next run. Then “lather, rinse, and repeat.”

Also, you may discover some form issues when you’re in sandals that you didn’t notice if you run barefoot, and certainly, that you wouldn’t have noticed in shoes.

You want to use both sound and feeling as your coach.

It’s possible to run VERY quietly in sandals. If you’re hearing lots of slapping noise, you’re either landing with your foot too far in front of your body, or you’re not relaxed enough when your foot contacts the ground.

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If you get blisters, you’re applying too much horizontal force (and friction).

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It’s 100% possible to run pain-free, quietly, and ENJOYABLY in sandals.

Humans have been doing it for ages, and you can, too.