How do Xero Shoes minimalist sport sandals compare to Chaco, Teva, Keen, etc.?

Here are some comparisons between Xero Shoes and other sandal brands.


Chacos are a popular brand of sport sandals… far from minimalist, though, they’re actually quite heavy, thick, and stiff.

In fact 3 pairs of our Z-Trail sport sandal weigh less than one pair of a popular Chaco sandal.


Similar in many ways to Chaco, Teva sandals are also not a minimal option.


Luna Sandals were also inspired by the tire sandals worn by the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico. They have some minimalist options and some that are much thicker and stiffer. As of this writing (early 2020), Luna only offer huarache-style sandals (with the toe thong).


Keen is most well known for their toe-protective sandal with a partial foot covering.

Like Teva and Chaco, most styles are heavier and stiffer than Xero Shoes’ Colorado

How does this compare?
Xero Shoes’ sandals are made to let your feet bend, flex, move, and safely feel the ground… the way your feet are made to function.

Comparatively, you’ll find that Xero Shoes are lighter (perfect for travel), thinner, more flexible, more affordable, don’t require any “breaking in”, have an easier tying system, and are backed by our 5,000 mile warranty.