How do minimalist sandals for Men and Women differ?

We have minimalist sandals for both men and women.

Some of our products are unisex, like our Cloud and Genesis. The shape is designed to fit as many different feet as possible, but we’ve designed for both men and women. So the men’s size, 7 for example, is the same as the women’s size 8.

We also have sandals that are more specifically for men or women, like our Z-Trek as an example and Z-Trail.

The difference between the men’s and women’s is mostly width. So if you’re a man with a narrow foot, you can use the women’s product; if you’re a woman with a wide foot, you can use the men’s product.

Also, sometimes we’ll use colors only available in the men’s products… and colors unique to the women’s products.

On the Z-Trail and Z-Trek you’ll see another difference between men’s and women’s. On the men’s styles, the webbing is slightly wider than the webbing for the women’s version product, 20mm wide for men and 16mm wide for women.

Men's Z-Trail sandal
Men’s Z-Trail sandal
Women's Z-Trail sandal
Women’s Z-Trail sandal

Of course, our do-it-yourself kit lets you do whatever you like regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, with narrow or wide feet. You select the sole that’s the size that’s right for the length and the width of your foot, and then you trim the entire sole to perfectly match your unique foot shape regardless of your gender.