How do I transition to minimalist shoes?

Simple: Take your time

When switching from a traditional shoe to a minimalist shoe, it’s likely that you’ll be using muscles you haven’t used in a while.

It’s also likely that you’ll OVER-use muscles that you don’t need to use that much when you’re walking more naturally.

So try wearing the new shoe for an hour or two and then see how you feel the next day. A little muscle soreness? Then wait until that passes and try again, focusing on RELAXING as you walk.

Once you can comfortably and enjoyably walk for a couple hours, then add some more time — say 30-60 minutes. When that feels good, simply keep slowly adding more time until you’re comfortable all day, every day in your minimalist shoes.

If you want to use minimalist running shoes, the basic idea is the same as above, but start with a TINY run — like 20-30 seconds.

If something hurts, change your gait until you’re having fun 😉

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